This Is How Life Looks When Your Face Is In The Dirt

Christina Robert, PhD, LAMFT:

I like this. Thanks, Single Crunch!

Originally posted on The Single Crunch:

Oh, the dirt.

This is how life looks when your face is in the dirt.

When you’ve fallen, and it’s not your first fall, and you’re kind of sick of it, so you sorta just stay down a minute.

Close your eyes and taste it and maybe even laugh a bit because you’re down here and no one can really see you, anyway.

Hands at either side, palms down because you’d tried to catch yourself.

Pain in your wrists that you’ve become accustomed to, because it’s not the first time you’ve tried to catch yourself.

Rapid pulse and heavy breathing, the kind that precedes a bout of crying.

But you don’t think you’ll cry.

Maybe just lie here a minute, with your face in the dirt, inhaling, exhaling, laughing, not crying.

Lie here until that feeling in your cheeks goes away, the shame that always accompanies these falls.

Lie here…

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