Month: January 2010

Frequent Night Nursing and Cavities?

At our recent 7 month check up the pediatrician expressed concern that the baby continues to nurse frequently during the night, warning that this practice will result in rotted baby teeth and a sleep deprived toddler. “By nine months you’re facing a serious issue and if this continues after 12 months, well…she’s yours for life.” Does this mean that I’ll be nursing a 35 year old all night long? I seriously doubt it. A quick search for Dr. Sears and nighttime nursing resulted in the above link. Listed under “sleep problems” it discusses how to wean a two year old from frequent feedings, not a 7 month old (who to date has no teeth).

Another page Dr. Sears page,, states on the apparently controversial topic: “So here is my conclusion – in general, night-nursing does NOT increase the risk of a child getting cavities enough to cause parents to intentionally wean their babies at night. You may have other reasons to do so, but do not wean at night in order to decrease cavities. If your baby night-nurses it is prudent to brush his teeth thoroughly first thing in the morning.”

I think I’ll continue with the nighttime feedings and continue bonding with my baby, who clearly needs her mama!