Good-bye Three Little Birds


This is a short tribute to an in-home daycare/childcare center/preschool that my child never attended. But, oh, did I want her to go! Its last day is April 26th – they are closing due to changes in their family and for financial reasons.

The reason I want to pay tribute to them is because in my eyes, they are the ideal model for what a childcare center or preschool should be like. The children are outside as much as possible, they learned about the earth and about nature, they experienced the world hands on and with wild abandon. The husband-wife team went all out to make every day a complete, full body experience for the children they had in their care and you could clearly see the children were loving every minute of it.

The couple write about their inspiration for opening such as a center. It’s a topic close to my heart: the loss of nature in children’s lives. This couple brought nature into the children’s lives in full force: mud baths, walks in the woods, eating meals outside. Take a look for yourself.

Good-bye Three Little Birds. I wish my daughter had gotten to know you better!


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