Baby-Led Weaning

A short little nursing session around 2 1/2.

Here’s a beautifully written “letter” from mother to baby about the early days of breastfeeding and the baby-led weaning to come. It really does sum up the idea that nature will take its course and that deciding when to stop breastfeeding has little (or nothing to do) with how big a child is, how many teeth he has or what types of food she is eating.

Read it and see what you think.


  1. I am very disappointed in the local Yahoo API group. I posted this article to the Yahoo Groups and was told by the moderators that I was engaging in spam like behavior. Before I had a chance to repost the post in an acceptable form, I got an email telling me that my post had been removed and that any future replies woudl be censored and would need to be approved by the moderators before being posted. I have been an active member of the API group for three years since my child was born. I wrote this piece to support AP in a time of need and in repsonse I am put on “probation” by the group. At the same time, one of the moderators posts a link to a podcast of an interview that she did in support of AP. How is her podcast different from this post on my blog?

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