Month: May 2013

Helping the Women of Assam, India

women weavers

Yesterday I cooked Indian food for my good friend Mili who has been raising money to help impoverished children and women in India with her annual fundraiser. This year they are supporting women in Assam (the part of India she is from) to purchase and use more efficient looms and to have better access to markets to sell their wares at fair wages. If you can help by donating something (anything really – even a few dollars), it would mean a lot to me and to Mili and to the women of Assam!

Here’s a link to one of the dancers at the fundraiser last night.

Those who wanted to come and support and could not make it, it is still not too late… You could still help us by writing a check to AFNA (Assam Foundation of North America) and send it to Mili Dutta, 3233 Columbus Ave S, MN 55407.
She wanted to raise $5000 and so far they have raised $4309.

So, if you would like to support her and help her to reach her goal, then PLEASE send a check or use the following paypal link…

Thank you to all who believe in social justice and helping the underserved…


It will only make a few minutes of your time and could make the difference in the life of a woman.