Month: October 2014

Resilience in Transitioning (Divorcing/Separating) Families: An Upcoming Webinar

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Here is another training I will be attending! As a PC/PTE, a parenting assessor/evaluator, and a therapist of families who are divorced or living separately, it is important to stay abreast of the research on resilience. Resilience research shows us what strengths are most important in helping individuals overcome adversity and stress. In this case, it will tell us about which qualities to look for in families who successfully navigate difficulties such as divorce. It will be looking closely at what factors play the greatest role in overcoming the stress or impact of divorce on the family system and the children.

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Building Resilience in Transitioning Families

Do you provide education or services to families who have experienced a family transition like divorce or separation? Do you need more information to understand the role that resilience can play in families’ family transition journeys? If so, then the Building Resilience in Transitioning Families Webinar is for you!

Resiliency can be defined as “the capacity of a family to withstand and recover from significant challenges that threaten its stability, viability, or development.” Kjersti Olson and Sharon Powell, University of Minnesota Extension Educators in Family Resilience, with provide an overview about resilience in transitioning families in this short webinar. In this webinar, you will:

  • Get an overview about resiliency research and recent developments.
  • Examine the role protective factors play with regards to resiliency.
  • Work together to generate ideas for how professionals can assist families in identifying and strengthening their own family protective factors.

This webinar is being offered live on November 11, 2014, from 12-1 p.m. This webinar will be recorded and will also be available afterwards on this site.

It costs $10 to attend; authorized providers of Parents Forever™ can attend for free by contacting Kate Welshons.

A certificate of completion is available after completion.