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The “Tell Me About Yourself Award”

Gratefully I accept the “Tell Me About Yourself Award!” given to me by TaurusMom Tells the Truth

I’ve been thinking about ways to write my responses and quite honestly, what will end up here is not what I planned out in my brain. But, alas, the clock is ticking and it has already been several weeks since this Awared was bestowed upon me.

What is there to know about me that might not otherwise be apparent?


1. In my pre-baby days I was a rock climber. And a pretty good one at that! Not great, but good. I LOVED it. Things change when you have a child. Over the few years that I was active in the sport I climbed in New York (the Gunks); Red Rock (Las Vegas); Canada, Minnesota, Colorado, Thailand, and a few other places. It was wonderful!  

There’s me with my gear to do some lead climbing, meaning that I go first and set the route. This picture was taken in Shawangunks Mountains in Upstate NY.

2. I love to bake. Since I had my baby, I try to make everything super healthy. I take boxed brownie mixes and add flax, wheat germ, bananas and apple sauce. The resemblance to brownies….? The taste? Yum!

3. I would die if I didn’t get to ride my bike to work and back. I love being in the fresh air and I love the feeling of freedom and not having to pay and not having to search for a parking spot.

4. I love taking pictures of kids. I like to capture their spirit and their expressions and their emotions. It’s a challenge and its fun. They are so spontaneous.

5. I’ve never been to New Zealand or Iceland and I’d really like to go.

6. I’m going to make a “bucket list” soon and post it on this blog. Perhaps that will help it seem more “real” and there will be more accountability!



50 Parenting Lessons Learned the Hard WAy

50 Parenting Lessons I’ve Learned (The Hard Way)

Posted: Wed, 06 Jun 2012 13:14:07 +0000


1. Super glue has no place in a house with young children.

2. Neither do Sharpie’s.

3. There is no such thing as allowing your kid to play with your phone “just once.”

4. Don’t use Google to diagnose illnesses. Ever.

5. Dollar store toys cost far more than a dollar in frustration, anguish and regret.

6. The terrible twos are bullshit. The terribleness lasts through at least age four. Or, forever.

7. Always carry wipes, long after diaper wearing has ended.

8. Resist purchasing character Bandaids, unless you’re prepared to buy a box a week.

9. You can never have too many Goldfish. The crackers, not the live ones.

10. Don’t buy bunk beds, unless you have absolutely no choice.

11. Keep track of who gave what at birthday parties.

12. Never stock batteries in your house, or you will be forced to make obnoxiously loud toys work once again.

13. Buy Mr. Clean Erasers in bulk.

14. Backup all photos. Better yet, print them.

15. Look in the oven before you turn it on.

16. There is no point in making beds.

17. Accept the fact that you will turn into your mother.

18. Always check pockets before washing clothes.

19. There is no such thing as “running” into Target with children.

20. Take more video.

21. Daily baths are overrated.

22. Find young babysitters and groom them. The less attractive, the better.

23. Always have ample one dollar bills on hand for lost teeth and bribery.

24. Carry plenty of emergency snacks in the car.

25. Keep expensive cosmetics out of arm’s reach. Arm’s reach, on a stool and tippy toes.

26. The four year old check-up is brutal.

27. Look before you sit down to pee.

28. Train your children to clean up all Lego’s before bed, knowing that nothing is more painful than stepping on a Lego with a bare foot at midnight.

29. Save “no” for when it really matters.

30. Over-apply sunscreen.

31. Practice caution when approaching that stray raisin on the floor. It’s probably not a raisin.

32. Never pay full price for kids clothes. They always go on sale and the expensive ones inevitably get ruined first.

33. There’s a reason why people surprise their kids with trips to Disney: Their anticipation may kill you.

34. Don’t take their word for it when children say they don’t need to pee before leaving the house.

35. Lock your bedroom door.

36. And, your bathroom one.

37. Never open a can of soda handed to you by a child.

38. Walk away from temper tantrums. Or, record them for future enjoyment.

39. Upset as you may be, hair grows back.

40. But, not on Barbie dolls, so hide the scissors.

41. Never buy more than two pairs of shoes at once. Their feet will inevitably grow once you do.

42. No matter how hard they promise, kids will never walk that puppy as much as you hoped.

43. Give away the books you can’t stand reading.

44. No child went to college with a pacifier.

45. Don’t buy any toy that is meant to come apart, unless they can put it back together themselves.

46. Keep a well-hidden stock of lollipops.

47. Don’t allow Play-Doh on carpets. Or, indoors, for that matter.

48. TV won’t really turn their brains to mush.

49. A bathroom in a house with boys will never smell clean.

50. It doesn’t get easier.