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Going strong after day 2 of the sugar-free challenge. No more pictures to show but my breakfast was the chia pudding I shared yesterday, lunch was leftovers from the recipe I’m going to share today and dinner was a leftover veggie burger with quinoa, arugula and a chipotle cashew sauce. Turns out as long as you do a little reading of labels and have fresh-fruit available, being sugar free isn’t so bad 😉

Today I am going to bring you a sugar-free dinner recipe! I know it’s not intuitively a problem area in terms of added sugar, but a lot of those store-bought sauces and spice mixes contain hidden added sugar, as do a lot of salad dressings and soups. So starting with a recipe that is completely homemade ensures you control every ingredient that goes into it, including being sure it’s completely free of sugar!

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Aunt Valerie’s Baked Beans

My mother’s friend Cheryl made these beans for my daughter’s birthday party and everyone RAVED about them. Here’s the recipe!

Aunt Valerie’s Butter Beans                  

Wash 3 ½ cups (about two lbs.) of dry beans—Navy, Great Northern, Lima, or whatever., and soak in a gallon bowl overnight covered with water three and one half inches above the beans.

Drain beans in the morning and place in a large oven-proof pot  or roaster.

Stir in:

1 cup of brown sugar        

1 tsp. of dry mustard

½ lb. of butter, cut in one- fourth-inch slices

Cover with hot water and stir in the above ingredients.


Bake in 300-degree oven covered for four hours.  Remove cover and continue cooking for two to four hours until the beans are soft.  Cooking uncovered will give the beans a darker color.